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After a blistering summer, many of us in the Roanoke area anticipate the autumn months that slide gradually into winter. It’s easy to imagine that trees also look forward to this break from extreme sunlight and heat. Actually, they do!

Your trees deal with weather and seasonal changes much the same way you do. In spring, for example, they sprout buds and leaves for protection from the impending heatwave. Similarly, you wear a hat or bring an umbrella for shade at the beach.

Shielding of direct sunlight is as vital to trees as it is to you. Remember, leaves provide their only sunscreen. When the autumn months arrive, and it is bearable to be outside again, you and your trees need fewer precautions. So, they shed their protective leaves. It’s easy to view this as a dormant period for tree growth, care, and maintenance. In reality, much work happens under the surface.

During the fall, trees repair and strengthen their root systems. Now that valuable moisture and nutrients aren’t needed to support their protective leaves, trees divert those vital resources to reinforce and expand their foundations.

Additionally in autumn, the soil retains some of the warmth that was baked in for months, while the branches thrive in the crisp night air. This combination makes the season ideal for tree care and planting.

For example, early September is a great time to wrap the trunks of young trees. This discourages attention from wildlife and strengthens the tree before the dormant winter months. As always, mulch should be copiously applied (2”-3” thick). Doing so allows for the retention of moisture and nutrients that the soil absorbed through the summer.

Pruning of dead or dying branches should also take place in the fall. This prevents unsustainable areas of the tree from sucking up resources.  AAA Tree Works can help with these and other tasks. Without a doubt, we are experts in pruning and removing trees, and can help your landscape and yard stay beautiful and safe!

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