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The month of Thanks is here and there are so many reasons, like majestic beauty and cooling shade, for example, to be thankful for our abundance of trees. In November, there are ways we can show gratitude to our towering friends.

First, trees love mulch. Mulch insulates tree roots, protects them from being cut by lawn mowers, and helps keep the soil from drying up. To assist your tree in obtaining these benefits, remove the grass around the trunk below the tree and apply a layer of mulch between two and four inches thick. Take care not to obstruct the view of the base of the trunk.

Second, fertilize your trees. As discussed last month, in a forest setting, trees are nourished by natural plant components in the soil. However, in our yards, we rake up and get rid of all those natural nutrients, such as grass clippings and fallen leaves. So, applying fertilizer remedies the issue. To ensure an even distribution of nutrients throughout the soil, use fertilizer with a gradual release. You should also conduct regular tests on your soil to see whether any of its components are deficient or absent.

Third, please, please prune! Proper trimming improves the structure of trees and removes any deadwood that can hold back their development. This month is the best time to perform extensive trimming because the tree is dormant and has lost its leaves.

Finally, now is the optimal time to have a professional arborist inspect your trees. Finding the early warning symptoms of disease or pest infestation can make all the difference. We are trained to recognize warning signs such as cankers, holes, and other defects. Early detection can solve issues, even if it means we remove a dead, severely diseased, or damaged tree. What’s more, you want to be sure your tree branches are strong enough to withstand the added weight of snow and ice. It’s vitally important that the trees you love don’t become a liability to your home or safety!

In conclusion, like the old saying reminds us, a penny of protection is worth a pound of cure! Call AAA Tree Works today and we’ll be happy to come by and give a FREE ESTIMATE on what your trees need.