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Trees require care and attention in order to remain strong. Healthy trees more resistant to damage brought by strong winds, rain, and severe weather conditions such as windstorms, tornados, ice storms and heavy snow. A fallen limb or uprooted tree can cause considerable damage to your property. In addition, healthy trees can increase your property’s value by upwards of 20%.  AAA Tree Works will protect your investment.


What can you do to prevent an emergency situation?

When to Hire an Arborist from AAA Tree Works

You can hire an arborist for standard lawn care tasks, like trimming and pruning.

An arborist can check your tree if it is leaning to one side as it may endanger your house or other property.

If you live in an area with high winds or prone to heavy storms you may want to hire an arborist to ensure the trees will withstand a storm.

Tree removal may be covered under your insurance policy so hire our skilled tree removal specialists to do the work. With their expertise, they can help you get the most financial assistance from your claim.

Is your tree a hazard?

Does your tree obstruct a critical view? This is particularly dangerous at intersections where the oncoming traffic has the right of way so the tree must be removed.

Root growth in sidewalks could create a hazard for pedestrians. If a lot of pedestrians pass by your home, it is in your best interest to call tree removal services to determine the proper solution.

After a severe storm, a downed tree may be disrupting traffic in your neighborhood. If the tree was on your property, you’ll need to contact emergency tree removal services right away.

Keep an Eye on Sick Trees 

How do you know if your tree is sick? There are several signs that you should call AAA Tree Works.

Peeling Bark may at least mean that the tree requires treatment. Dry or chipped bark will be other clues that something is wrong with the health of your tree.

If your tree is dropping its leaves quickly in the Fall or the leaves do not come back in the Spring, you may have a dead tree on your hands.

AAA Tree Works will determine if treatment can salvage a tree or when that’s not feasible, tree removal. A sick tree could cause significant damage to your property or worse, potentially cause damage to a neighbor’s property.


Wood cutting on tall tree

Imminent Threat

When a tree poses an imminent threat, you’ll need emergency tree removal.


Emergency tree removal services can happen as a result in the aftermath of a storm and in other cases, this service can be more preventative in nature.


When it comes to falling trees, larger trees are especially difficult and dangerous to deal with. If the tree is double your height or more, call AAA Tree Works for a free estimate.

Trunk Rot and Fungus

A hollow trunk, for instance, may mean that the tree is rotted away and not structurally stable. But this problem is not obvious to the naked eye. The presence of fungi or algae, may also require AAA Tree Works arborists to take down trees safely.

For Safety

A tree hovering over a power line is dangerous, DO NOT attempt to fix the problem yourself. This is an emergency situation that requires the right equipment and training.

Sudden Oak Death

Sudden Oak Death could injure and kill oaks and other economically and ecologically important plant species in Virginia. AAA can check your trees for this fungi and keep your Oak trees healthy.

Is Anything Growing on Your Tree?

When springtime rolls around, you expect that trees will produce buds — and eventually, leaves. But if your favorite flowering pear tree isn’t showing its normal beautiful colors, something is wrong. And you should examine the tree closely.

A single branch that fails to yield buds isn’t a big deal. But if the entire tree lacks buds, the tree could be at the end of its life. In this instance, you’ll want the tree to come down.

While the absence of buds can indicate a problem, too much growth in the wrong places also can indicate a problem. Are you noticing unusual plants around the base of your tree? Do the roots stick up from the ground?

These are indications that a tree is sick. When you notice mushrooms sprouting around the base of the tree, it means that the tree is decaying. Honey fungus will thrive in moist areas and wreak havoc on tree roots.

The presence of ants or beetles may indicate that your tree is sick, too. They tend to take up residence in spaces that are rotted or weakened.

The danger is that with a tree rotting at the base, the rest of the tree won’t be stable. At this point, contacting AAA Tree Works is the best idea to help with tree removal and to provide the safest solution.

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Storm Damage May Prompt Emergency Tree Removal Services

If you live in an area prone to high winds, or other weather events, tree removal may be necessary. High winds can batter a tree and leave its roots in bad shape.And while it might look like a tree has survived a storm, it may be weaker and more dangerous. Even a partially uprooted tree will lack the stability it once had.Splintered limbs could fall at any moment, damaging property or people. Debris from a storm could block sidewalks and roadways. These are all time-sensitive concerns that need prompt attention. Trained tree removal services will be able to remove and grind a stump. They’ll also have the trucks and workforce to clean up an area after a storm quickly.


Whether you have broken branches or a compete loss of a tree on your property, you can trust that AAA Tree Work’s arborists will be there to help you!