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by | Aug 16, 2023

How can you tell if your tree is sick? Often, there are some clear signs that something is wrong.

If your tree has wilted leaves, pay attention, if they’re wilting, they’re not working at their full capacity and the whole tree suffers.

Many fungal and bacterial diseases can cause spots, blotches, sunken areas, and other blemishes on tree leaves, fruit, and/or bark. Some spots are also signs of insects.

Do you have dead, dying or dropping branches?

An old tree slows down as it ages and may no longer produce enough food energy to support all its structure and branches will fall.

But branch drop can also be a sign of tree disease. When a branch is compromised by disease and decay, the tree will separate the branch from the rest of the tree’s internal system to prevent the spread of disease.

If your tree has been healthy and vigorous, this change is reason enough to have an arborist inspect it. Depending on the reason, an arborist may be able to prune out diseased branches and keep the rest of the tree healthy.

If your tree is dropping more than the occasional branch, and if these branches are large, it’s time to call in the experts at AAA Tree Works to examine your tree.

Large trees are dangerous. Too many homeowners are injured each year trying to climb, prune or remove dead limbs. Let a professional with training, safety gear, equipment, and knowledge examine your tree.

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